Harrison’s Pierce Pond Camp-Bald Mountain Brook Lean-to. 2053.3 miles done/136.5 to go. 93.76% completed. July 15, 2017. 

18.3 miles today. I started this four months ago today. As I was putting my backpack on this morning to start hiking it started to rain. 

I hiked the 3.8 miles to the Kennebec River, where I had to get ferried across. This is also where it stopped raining. 

The ferry takes two hikers at a time. I was in the middle and Greg, our pilot in back and another hiker I met for the first time, Down Cow. 

After the ferry ride, Down Cow and I hiked  ,1 off trail to a hostel. The Caratunk House B&B and Hostel had a reputation for their homemade milk shakes. They also sold other food and snacks and they have wifi. 

I hadn’t had any phone service for some time and wanted to let Amy know I was still alive. 

I ate two pulled pork sandwiches, a chocolate milk shake and two honey buns. 

Now it’s about noon and the sun was coming out. I started hiking. The trail was easy, so I got some serious miles done. 

I got some nice views from on top of Pleasant Pond Mountain. I 

At about 5:30 I was still about three miles from the shelter I wanted to stay at and it started to rain. It actually poured. I was completely soaked instantly. It rained hard for about thirty minutes. 

Since my clothes were still soaking wet I was hoping there would be room in the shelter. Wrong! The shelter was full and all the tent sites were taken. It’s all the southbound hikers that are just starting out. 

So I and two other hikers, Down Cow and Friar Tuck are stealth camping near the shelter. 

It’s not raining, but all the moisture is dripping off the trees onto my tent. I took refuge in my tent pretty fast to get away from the mosquitoes. 

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow also so I’ll be putting my wet clothes and shoes back on. Fun!

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