Bald Mountain Brook Lean-to-Maine Hwy 15. 2075.3 miles done/114.5 to go. 94.76% completed. July 16, 2017. 

22 miles today. Pretty easy except for the wet rocks and mud. 

The climb up Moxie Bald Mountain was much easier than I anticipated. I was on top a little before 8:00 and had a great view. 

The sun was shining and there was a nice breeze so I took my pack off and sat down. I also had phone service for the first time in days. I took my raincover off my pack and hung it on a tree to dry. I also took my shoes off to give them and my socks a chance to dry. They were still wet from yesterday. 

Actually everything I put on was still wet. As miserable as it is to put wet clothes and shoes on it’s the best way to dry out. Putting wet things into the backpack just makes everything else in your pack damp too. Not to mention the smell. 

While I was on Moxie Bald I started looking at the rest of the day. My original plan was to hike 13 miles to the next shelter and have a short day tomorrow in to Monson for resupply and spend the night at Lakeshore House Hostel. I had a message from Cheez and Coyote that they were in Monson taking a zero. 

I hiked up Moxie Bald faster than I thought and the rest of the day looked pretty flat. I decided to push and see if I could make it to Monson today. I have been so alone that the motivation to see friends gave me a burst of energy. 

It was a long day and my legs were tired but I made it. By the way, drying my feet out did no good because as soon as I left Moxie Bald I encountered numerous mud holes that couldn’t be avoided. So I hiked all day with wet feet. That’s no fun either. 

There were two river crossings that were big. I didn’t bother taking my shoes off because they were already wet. In fact I embraced it because that washed some of the mud out of my shoes. 

These river crossings had a rope strung across for you to hang onto. That was helpful, not in preventing from getting swept downstream, but helpful to stay standing on the very slippery rocks. 

So I’m taking a zero in Monson tomorrow. My Amazon order of dehydrated meals and Clif and Nature Valley bars will show up tomorrow. I also need some tortillas, peanut butter and honey which I will purchase at the small General Store. 

My feet and legs really need the break. My feet are swollen and red. I also feel the beginnings of a blister. Probably a result of hiking in wet muddy shoes for days. 

This will be my final resupply. Tuesday I will take off through the 100 mile wilderness. 

I had supper tonight with Cheez and Coyote. It was so good to see them. We shared stories of our adventures. There’s a good chance I’ll catch them in the 100 mile wilderness even though they’re leaving here a day before me. They have family meeting them at Mount Katahdin on the 24th so they will be taking their time. I on the other hand will be going as far as I can everyday. 

Monson Maine is very small. Population 686. The town basically has two hiker hostels, the General Store, a convenience store and a restaurant. There’s no cellphone service here. I’m using the wifi at the hostel now. 

I may not have phone service all the way through the 100 mile wilderness. Engineer mentioned in a post he went about a week with no service. 

Engineer summited Mount Katahdin yesterday. 

Congratulations Engineer. He’s a fine young man. I love his energy, spirit and attitude. 

I’m not positive what day I’ll finish. It depends on trail conditions and my legs. As I look at it now I think it’s going to be the 23rd, 24th or 25th. 

I’m very excited about going home. It’s been a little over four months. I miss Amy and owe her so much. I’m looking forward to seeing my kids to. Our grandkids are the highlight of our life. I can’t wait to see them and hug them. 

4 thoughts on “Bald Mountain Brook Lean-to-Maine Hwy 15. 2075.3 miles done/114.5 to go. 94.76% completed. July 16, 2017. 

  1. Wow, Mike…can only begin to imagine how tough this journey has been. You are so close to the end so hang in there! Stay strong and safe. Can’t wait to hear more about the trip upon your return to the “Good Life”.

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  2. I know you are in a hurry but enjoy the last few days. It has been an amazing trip for all of us following you. thanks for all the awesome pictures. Be safe.

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