Zero in Monson Maine. 

Woke up at 5:00 and went to the cafe next door. Drank mega amounts of coffee and had a breakfast burrito. When I go to town I don’t think the restaurants make money on coffee. 

This hostel is very nice. 

It’s definitely a hiker town. Originally the AT actually was routed through town. Now it goes 3.6 miles to the northwest of here. The hostel owner tells me in the winter it becomes a snowmobile community. 

I’ve hung my tent, sleeping bag and air mattress out to dry. They supply a nice clothes line. 

Everything in my pack is either damp or completely wet. It’s so nice to have a day to dry everything. 

Coyote and Cheez are taking off. I hope I can catch them. 

I’m sure I mentioned this before, but Cheez is the guy and Coyote the woman. This is their honeymoon believe it or not. They are from Wisconsin and are moving to the Twin Cities where Coyote will start med school. 

My clothes are washed and everything I own is now dry. Ate lunch at the same place I ate breakfast, Pete’s Place, right next door. It’s the only restaurant in town that is open today. I had a half pound hamburger with potato salad. Hot fudge sundae for desert. The other two restaurants in town are closed on Mondays. 

I’m thinking I’ll have pizza from the convenience store tonight. The “word” is that it’s good. 

The only thing I have left to do is buy some supplies. The holdup is the tortillas. The store is out until they get their delivery later today. Aren’t out of stocks frustrating. (That’s for my Hy-Vee friends)

This afternoon I’m relaxing on the patio behind the hostel. It’s right on the lake. 

I’ve been perusing my guide book looking at the hike ahead. As you can see in the picture, it’s been well used. I’ve said before that my trekking poles are my favorite piece of gear. I would say my guide book has been #2. Thanks Alli Moy-Borden from Omaha for recommending this specific one. You were right. 

Also, notice that it’s open to the page I’m at and I’m almost out of pages. 

Two more people I ran into frequently before my broken tooth and tick bite incident showed up at my hostel. Poncho and Ingie, a husband and wife about my age doing the trail together. They are from Kentucky. Also in the photo is French Dip. He is from North Carolina. I met him for the first time in the Whites. 

If I summit Katahdin on the 23rd I’ll be with French Dip. If it’s the 24th I’ll be with Cheez and Coyote. 

Tomorrow morning Poncho, Ingie and I are taking the shuttle from here at 7:00. They are morning people also. The hostel provides a shuttle to the trailhead as part of the price. 
It sounds like phone service becomes even more challenging through the 100 mile wilderness. I’ll post as I’m able. I’m excited that I’m on this final leg of the journey. 

2 thoughts on “Zero in Monson Maine. 

  1. Glad you will be able to summit with some folks you have been hiking with. That makes it nicer. I am amazed at the number of challenges you have overcome. Very impressive. Enjoy and savior the last few days.


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