Maine Hwy 15-Cloud Pond Lean-to. 2094.4 miles done/95.4 to go. 95.63% completed. July 18, 2017. 

19.1 miles today. It started out in the rain. Again. 

Poncho, Ingie and I ate breakfast together and were ready for our shuttle to the trailhead at 7:00. We were hiking by 7:13. I immediately hiked ahead of them and was alone. 

The rocks and mud seemed particularly slippery today so I couldn’t push. It never rained hard and it stopped raining after about two hours. It stayed foggy for a long time. 

Engineer and Timber were right about the constant up and down. Also lots of rocks and roots. Not as much mud today. 

I did get a bit of a view on top of Barren Mountain. 

This shelter is full. Mostly section hikers. French Dip and Cold Blood are here. There weren’t many tent spots but I found one that will suffice. 

I’m pleased with my 19 miles and hopefully I’ll get somewhere around that tomorrow. 

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